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Youth Leadership Eau Claire Testimonials

Student Testimonials

“YLEC gives you a chance to experience Eau Claire (our community) in ways you have never thought of before.”
Michael Kozuch, YLEC Class of 2012, Regis High School

“YLEC is a great learning experience … Being a part of YLEC broadens your horizons and you learn more about your city and how to be a part of it. It has created memories I will cherish my whole life.”
Katie Lindquist, YLEC Class of 2012, North High School

“YLEC was such a great experience. I learned things that I never knew about Eau Claire even though I’ve lived here all my life. Plus I got to meet some really great people who I never would have known otherwise!”
Anna Ostrowski, YLEC Class of 2011, Regis High School

“YLEC has allowed me to see what my community really has to offer. It has given me a better idea of what I want to do as a career by exposing me to many fields of study. I have had some unforgettable life-changing experiences, and I made some great friends along the way!”
Robyn Sreenivasam, YLEC Class of 2011, Memorial High School

“YLEC is a great way to learn about different jobs and all that Eau Claire has to offer. Everyone can benefit from it.”
Celeste Scola, YLEC Class of 2011, Memorial High School

“YLEC is a fantastic program. It helped to add even more leadership skills to my belt. I greatly underestimated on how much fun it is and how many new friends I made.”
Logan Wallace, YLEC Class of 2011, North High School

“I like the program because it gives you a good perspective of how you can turn an interest into a career, as well as introducing you to careers you never would have thought about pursuing.”
Katie Hilgedick, Class of 2011, Memorial High School

Youth Leadership Eau Claire