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Live and Work in Eau Claire

Photo of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Real Estate & Housing in Eau Claire

Downtown Housing Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s scenic surroundings offer residents an appealing place to call home.

Both homeowners and renters can find attractive homes and apartments in a range of different settings. The city has different neighborhoods and plenty of existing homes of all styles, some new and others with a great deal of history.

The downtown area is a business district but Tudor, art deco, and gothic buildings and homes are nearby. Carson Park and Half Moon Lake are located on the west side of town, where many Queen Anne and Victorian homes are located. Between downtown and the university area is the historic Third Ward Neighborhood. Many of the homes are gothic and Tudor design and are registered historic landmarks. The east side of Eau Claire is on a bluff and has several bungalows that overlook the Chippewa Valley. Residents of the north side of town will find Mt. Simon and McDonough Playground conveniently located near their homes.

With over 42,000 housing units available, Eau Claire County provides a variety of new or existing, or apartment, home or condo, ranging in price from $60,000 to $900,000. Residents have the choice of real estate in the city, country, on a wooded lot or on the waterfront.