Eau Claire County Events

Event DateApptEvent Name
2/27/2017   Spoken Word Workshop & Open Mic - Standup, Storytelling, and Poetry
3/6/2017   Chippewa Treaty Rights: Resistance, Acceptance and Controversy
3/7/2017   2017 Spring Lean Certification Series
3/20/2017   Beaver Creek Book Club
3/22/2017   The UW Now: Making Sense of the Economy
3/22/2017   Myofascial Release
3/22/2017   Getting Started with Blogging
3/22/2017   YLEC Curriculum Committee
3/22/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
3/23/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
3/23/2017   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Beyond: Expanding the Lens and Exploring Advanced Practical Applications
3/23/2017   YPCV Happy Hour
3/25/2017   Supplier & Product Pitch Day at The Local Store
3/25/2017   Julie Bowe Book Release: Big & Little Questions
3/25/2017   Business Plan Basics
3/26/2017   Destination Yoga Children's Museum
3/28/2017   Language Puzzles
3/28/2017   Lunch & Learn: Creating Inclusive Workplaces
3/28/2017   CVTC Spring Open House
3/28/2017   Karma Yoga Series: Fight Against Hunger
3/29/2017   Ribbon Cutting: Northwestern Bank
3/29/2017   Advance Your Asana: Open-Hip Postures
3/30/2017   Ribbon Cutting: Century 21 Affiliated
3/30/2017   Leading Intentional Customer Service
3/30/2017   Board of Directors Meeting
3/30/2017   Leading Intentional Customer Service
3/30/2017   Leading Intentional Customer Service
3/30/2017   Stained Glass Garden Chimes
3/31/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
3/31/2017   Friends of the Library Book Mini-Sale
3/31/2017   Phenology in a Changing Climate
3/31/2017   Friends of the Library Mini Sale
4/1/2017   Phenology in a Changing Climate
4/1/2017   Electric Angel Takes Flight: Children's Picture Book Launch Party
4/1/2017   A Dance Hall Revival
4/1/2017   Stepfamily Rx Conference
4/1/2017   Women's Giving Circle Grant Cycle Opens
4/2/2017   Joyful Country Dances Spring Harp Concert
4/2/2017   Xcel Energy Kids Expo
4/2/2017   Excel Energy Kids Expo 2017
4/2/2017   ACT Test Preparation
4/3/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/3/2017   The Next Step in Beginning Watercolor Painting
4/3/2017   Ribbon Cutting: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices - CANCELLED WILL BE RESCHEDULED
4/4/2017   Roots Magic (Genealogy)
4/4/2017   Ukrainian Pysanky Workshop
4/4/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/4/2017   2017 Human Resource Conference
4/4/2017   LEC Curriculum Committee
4/5/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/5/2017   First Time Home Buyer Seminar
4/6/2017   Feed My People's Open House
4/6/2017   Ribbon Cutting: Uniforms Direct
4/6/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/6/2017   Business & Workforce Development Committee
4/6/2017   Business Expo Committee Meeting
4/7/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/7/2017   Childhood ADHD: Evidence-Based Practices and Practical Solutions
4/7/2017   AM Exchange
4/7/2017   Thought For Food Transcontinental Bicycle Fundraising Tour: Raffle and Presentation
4/7/2017   Eau Claire Figure Skating Club's Annual Ice Show
4/7/2017   Deadline to Submit Outstanding Achievement Awards
4/8/2017   Thought For Food Transcontinental Bicycle Fundraising Tour: Film Screening and Presentation
4/8/2017   Toastmasters Western Division International & Table Topics Speech Contest
4/8/2017   Cat Show
4/8/2017   Ukrainian Pysanky Workshop
4/10/2017   Free CPR sessions For Community Members
4/10/2017   Business After Hours: April 2017
4/10/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/11/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/11/2017   Business Council
4/11/2017   YPCV Morning Mingle
4/11/2017   Advance Your Asana: Closed-Hip Postures
4/11/2017   Business Luncheon with US Senator Ron Johnson
4/11/2017   Groundbreaking: The Hub at the Local Lounge
4/12/2017   Executive Committee Meeting
4/12/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/12/2017   YLEC Media Day
4/13/2017   Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
4/13/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/13/2017   YPCV Committee Meeting
4/13/2017   Science of the Mind: A Neurocognitive Overview for Mental Health Professionals
4/13/2017   Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
4/14/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/14/2017   The Biological Foundation of Boundaries and Ethical Behavior
4/14/2017   Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting
4/15/2017   (RESCHEDULED) Becoming Me (...Again) with Tristan C. Szente
4/15/2017   Invert Your Asana: Crow Pose
4/17/2017   Book Discussion with Author Nickolas Butler
4/17/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/17/2017   LEC Alumni Committee
4/18/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/18/2017   Foot and Nail Care: Education Day and Basic Clinical
4/18/2017   Foot and Nail Care: Starting a Business
4/18/2017   Chamber 103rd Annual Meeting
4/18/2017   Pan Africa: Across the Sahara in 1941 w/ PAN AM
4/18/2017   ExporTech, An Export Acceleration System for Achieving Profitable Growth
4/19/2017   Growing Up Transgender
4/19/2017   Growing Up Transgender
4/19/2017   Excellence in Education Committee
4/19/2017   Health & Wellness Committee
4/19/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/19/2017   Destination Yoga: State Theatre
4/20/2017   Phenology Hike for Elder Explorers
4/20/2017   Ribbon Cutting: WESTConsin Credit Union
4/20/2017   LEC Business & Industry Day
4/20/2017   Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
4/20/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/20/2017   CVTC Energy Open House
4/20/2017   16th Annual Scrabble Bee
4/20/2017   Supervisor Training: Orientation, Time Management and Delegation
4/21/2017   YP Week Information
4/21/2017   YP Week Kick Off Gathering
4/21/2017   Your Chamber Orientation
4/21/2017   Eggs & Issues: The Chamber's Annual "State of Altoona"
4/21/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/22/2017   Jeanne Richie Memorial Puddle Jump
4/23/2017   Beacon House Day
4/24/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/25/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/25/2017   Start a Small Business in 8 Steps
4/25/2017   Board of Directors Meeting
4/25/2017   Lunch & Learn: Mobile Apps for Productivity
4/25/2017   Ribbon Cutting: The Joyful Doc Clinic
4/25/2017   Ribbon Cutting: Imperium Chiropractic
4/26/2017   Acoustic Bat Monitoring
4/26/2017   YLEC Curriculum Committee
4/26/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/26/2017   Frog Fest
4/26/2017   Live Music: Mid Air
4/27/2017   Motivational Interviewing: Practical Application for Diverse Settings
4/27/2017   YPCV's YP Week Leinie Lodge Tour
4/27/2017   Leadership Eau Claire Informational Meeting
4/27/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/27/2017   Green Initiative Committee
4/28/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
4/28/2017   YPCV's YP Week Kubb and Happy Hour
4/28/2017   YPCV's YP Week Professional Development: The Dollars & Cents of Home Buying
4/28/2017   CVWG + NOTA Present: Poetry & Popcorn
4/29/2017   Invert Your Asana: Crow Pose
5/1/2017   Women's Giving Circle Spring Gathering
5/1/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
5/2/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
5/2/2017   LEC Curriculum Committee
5/3/2017   ISO 9001:2015 Transition Strategies for Your Organization
5/3/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
5/4/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
5/4/2017   HR-Management for Non-HR Managers
5/4/2017   Business Expo Committee Meeting
5/4/2017   ISO 9001/13485 Internal Process Auditor Training
5/4/2017   Business & Workforce Development Committee
5/4/2017   Barre Teacher Training
5/4/2017   Supervisory Management: HR Management for Non-HR Managers
5/5/2017   Janet Carson Gallery
5/6/2017   Chippewa Valley It Works Gives Back to Down Syndrome
5/6/2017   Rack 'Em Up for Down Syndrome Awareness - Pool Tournament
5/6/2017   3rd Annual CVTC Auto Club Car Show & Swap Meet
5/6/2017   Galloping Gala


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